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The Importance of Durable Materials & Ease of Operation in Trailer Tarp Systems

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Trailer tarp systems play a crucial role in the logistics industry, ensuring cargo safety while optimizing trucker efficiency. When considering the best rolling tarp system, several factors come into play, including the durability of materials and ease of operation. However, using high-quality materials ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing overall performance. Components such as heavy-duty vinyl or reinforced polyester are renowned for their strength, protection against harsh weather conditions, and rough handling during transit.

Additionally, a well-designed rolling tarp system minimizes the time and effort required to cover and secure the load. It allows drivers to focus on their primary task of safe and efficient transportation. Features such as retractable mechanisms and user-friendly controls contribute to seamless operation, reducing the risk of injury and increasing productivity on the road.

That’s why the trailer tarp system experts from Mount Trailer Company have collected several key benefits about them here:

Time Savings: 

By eliminating the need for manual tarping, drivers can significantly reduce the time spent covering and preparing loads for transport, improving efficiency and workflow, as well as providing faster turnaround times and increased profitability.

Injury Prevention: 

Using a retractable tarp system reduces the physical strain on drivers, minimizing the risk of injuries associated with lifting heavy tarps. Using retractable tarps enhances driver safety and promotes long-term health and well-being, fostering a workforce capable of sustained productivity and reducing absenteeism rates.

Fuel Efficiency: 

Properly tensioned tarps reduce air resistance, improving fuel efficiency and cost savings for trucking companies. By optimizing aerodynamics, rolling tarp systems contribute to environmental sustainability while reducing operational expenses, aligning with corporate responsibility initiatives, and enhancing brand reputation.

Enhanced Safety: 

Unlike traditional throw tarps that require drivers to work from heights, rolling tarp systems allow for ground-level operation, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries. Prioritizing driver safety is essential for fostering a positive work environment, maintaining a reputable business image, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards, and attracting top talent.

Customer Satisfaction: 

Investing in a top-quality rolling tarp system benefits drivers and enhances customer satisfaction. By reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safe delivery of cargo, trucking companies can build trust and loyalty among their clientele. Doing so will drive business growth and success, solidify their position as reliable partners in the supply chain, and foster long-term relationships with customers.

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The combination of durable materials and ease of operation is essential for maximizing the efficiency and safety of trailer tarp systems. By investing in high-quality rolling tarp systems, trucking companies can streamline operations, reduce costs, and exceed customer expectations while prioritizing the well-being of their drivers.

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Navigating the Road to Reliability: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Used Reefer Trailers

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Are you considering investing in a used reefer trailer but feeling overwhelmed by the potential pitfalls? Purchasing a used reefer trailer demands attention to crucial details, and a thorough pre-purchase inspection is your ticket to a reliable and functional asset.

Reefer semi trailers for sale

That’s why Mount Trailer, the used-semi trailers experts, have collected some insightful tips for you here. 

The Heart of the Matter: The Reefer Unit

The reefer unit is the lifeblood of a reefer trailer, and ensuring its reliability is paramount. Consider the following:

  • Hours on the reefer unit: The hours matter much like miles on a car. Aim for units with 10,000 hours or less to avoid potential maintenance issues.
  • Corrosion/damage: Examine the unit for signs of corrosion or damage, indicative of how well it was cared for.
  • Service history: A well-documented service history from an authorized center adds an extra layer of assurance.

The Reefer Trailer’s Structural Integrity

Age matters when it comes to a reefer trailer’s structural integrity. After around 11 years, trailers start losing some of their robustness. 

Pay attention to cracked rails, akin to the trailer’s bone structure, and demand immediate attention from a certified repair shop. Additionally, inspect the cross members and landing legs for signs of damage underneath, ensuring the landing legs haven’t been compromised.

The Critical Elements: Walls, Roof, Floor, & Interior Scuff

To maintain the temperature of the cargo, it is crucial to thoroughly inspect the trailer’s components. Make sure to examine:

  • Roof: Imperfections on the roof could lead to leaks, impacting the trailer’s functionality.
  • Walls: Check for voids and tears in the insulation, addressing them promptly to maintain temperature control.
  • Interior Scuff: Peeling scuff liners compromise the trailer’s integrity and should be repaired to prevent further damage.
  • Floor: A hole in the floor is a red flag; reefer floors cannot be patched.

Additional Considerations for Buying Used Semi-Trailers

Beyond the trailer’s physical condition, consider these factors as well:

A Tire Inflation Kit

A must-have for any reefer trailer owner, the tire inflation kit is essential for quick and effective responses to potential emergencies, keeping your trailer on the road and cargo protected.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your reefer unit complies with local laws by knowing and adhering to the specific regulations in your hauling regions. Stay ahead of compliance requirements for smooth operations on your transportation journey.


Note that while the trailer warranty may not transfer, the reefer unit warranty could if it’s under five years old. This transferable assurance is crucial for your chosen reefer trailer’s overall reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Service Accessibility

Prioritize service center accessibility when selecting a reefer unit. Opt for a unit that can be conveniently serviced in your operational areas, saving time and minimizing logistical headaches for seamless transportation operations.

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Ultimately, each trailer is unique, and a case-by-case evaluation is necessary. By thoroughly assessing every aspect, you’ll be well-prepared to make an informed decision, avoiding potential pitfalls and ensuring a reliable investment.

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7 Essential Tips for Buying a Used Reefer Trailer for Sale

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Investing in a used reefer trailer for sale is a significant decision for businesses in the logistics and transportation sectors, particularly when handling temperature-sensitive goods. Making an informed decision requires thorough consideration and research. 

Reefer Trailer

Here are some essential tips to ensure you buy the best-used reefer trailer.

Research The Seller 

    Before making a purchase, it’s essential to investigate the seller’s background. This research involves looking into their market reputation, customer reviews, and after-sales support. A reliable seller should offer transparency about the trailer’s history, including any past accidents or significant repairs. 

    Understanding the seller’s credibility can save you from future hassles and unexpected expenses.

    Examine The Reefer Unit 

    The reefer unit is the heart of the trailer, so a detailed examination of its condition is crucial. The assessment involves checking the unit’s age, brand, model, and service history. Pay attention to signs of rust, corrosion, or leaks, as they can indicate underlying issues. Ensure the unit functions efficiently across different temperature settings and does not show fluctuations that could spoil the cargo.

    Check The Weight 

    The trailer’s weight capacity is a critical aspect that impacts safety and legal compliance. Verify that the trailer can handle the weight of your goods without exceeding legal limits. Overloading can lead to fines and increased wear and tear on the trailer.

    It’s also important to consider the trailer’s weight to ensure compatibility with your transport vehicles.

    Inspect the Trailer Thoroughly 

    Beyond the reefer unit, inspect every part of the trailer for potential issues. Inspection includes checking the condition of tires, brakes, and suspension systems. Look for any structural damages or repairs that might affect its durability. A thorough inspection can reveal problems that may take time to be apparent, saving you from future repair costs.

    Review Maintenance and Repair History 

    Understanding the maintenance history of the trailer can offer insights into its condition and potential longevity. Regular maintenance suggests the previous owner took good care of it. Verify this history with documentation to avoid buying a trailer with hidden problems that could emerge later.

    Consider the Age and Mileage 

    Age and mileage directly impact a trailer’s performance and lifespan. A newer trailer with lower mileage might be more reliable and require fewer repairs in the short term. However, it’s also important to consider the depreciation value and how it fits into your budget.

    Evaluate the Total Cost of Ownership 

    The initial purchase price is just one part of the investment. Consider ongoing costs like maintenance, repairs, and potential upgrades. A lower upfront cost can be appealing, but assessing whether future expenses will make it a costlier option in the long run is crucial.

    Mount Trailer Company 

    Purchasing a used reefer trailer involves balancing various factors, including the seller’s credibility, the condition of the reefer unit, weight capacity, and overall maintenance history. To buy a reefer trailer for sale and more, please contact our team at Mount Trailer Company today.

    How to Buy a Flatbed Trailer and the Factors to Consider

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    If you’re in the market for a flatbed trailer, you want to invest in versatile equipment that lasts. Flatbed trailers can handle a wide range of tasks, from hauling heavy machinery to transporting lumber. But before you make that purchase, there are some factors you should consider to ensure you get the right flatbed for your needs.

    What to Keep in Mind for Selection

    When in the market for a flatbed trailer, it’s crucial to consider not only aesthetics or price but also the type of loads you plan on transporting, the terrain you’ll frequently traverse, and the vehicle you’ll use to pull the trailer. Taking these factors into account will help you make an informed decision and ensure that the trailer you choose is appropriate for your specific needs.


    It’s crucial to pay attention to the condition of a flatbed trailer before purchasing or using it. The trailer’s structural integrity should be your top priority, so be sure to inspect it thoroughly for any signs of damage or wear. Check for rust in critical areas such as the joints and frame. Additionally, make sure that the deck is sturdy and doesn’t show significant wear. Taking these precautions can help ensure a safe and successful transportation experience.


    Like any other product, certain brands have earned a reputation for quality and reliability. Research and ask around to find out which brands of flatbed trailers are known for their durability and performance. Opting for a trusted brand could save you from potential headaches down the line.

    Tire Condition

    Tires are essential for the safe and efficient operation of your trailer. Examine the tires for any signs of wear, cracks, or damage. Remember, uneven tire wear might indicate alignment issues or problems with the suspension.

    The Flatbed Straps

    Safety is the most important variable when hauling loads. The straps used to secure your cargo should be in top-notch condition. Examine them for any signs of wear or damage. It’s always a good idea to invest in high-quality straps that can withstand the weight and pressure of your loads.


    If you’re considering a used flatbed trailer, consider the mileage it has clocked. Like with vehicles, a trailer with high mileage might have endured more wear and tear. However, if it has been well-maintained, mileage might not be a deal-breaker.

    Load Capacity

    One of the most critical considerations is the load capacity of the trailer. Ensure the trailer you’re considering can safely and legally carry the weight of the loads you intend to transport. Overloading a trailer can be hazardous and can significantly reduce its lifespan.

    Shop for Used Flatbed Trailers for Sale at Mount Trailer Company

    If you’re looking for a reliable place to buy a used flatbed trailer, Mount Trailer Company has a range of high-quality options. With a reputation for excellence and a variety of trailers to suit different needs, you can be confident in your purchase. Whether you’re a seasoned hauler or a first-time buyer, our experienced staff can guide you to the perfect trailer for your requirements. Contact us or shop our selection of flatbed trailers today.

    A Guide to Buying Used Semi-Trailers Online

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    Buying a used semi-trailer online can improve your operational economics and optimize your business resources. The process, which involves a thorough understanding of the various types of semi-trailers, meticulous consideration of certain factors, and choosing the right seller, should be simple and as direct as possible. Here’s what you should know before buying a used semi-trailer for sale online

    Used Semi-Trailers

    Different Types of Semi Trailers by Type

    Understanding the different types of semi-trailers is pivotal in making an informed decision. Semi-trailers are typically classified according to the cargo the owner intends to carry. Dry vans are the most common type for transporting boxed or palletized cargo, safeguarding it from adverse weather conditions. Refrigerated or reefer trailers are equipped with cooling units to transport perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, maintaining a controlled temperature throughout the journey.

    On the other hand, flatbed trailers are utilized for carrying heavy and oversized loads like machinery and construction materials, offering the ease of loading and unloading from the sides or top. Tanker trailers are designated to transport liquids and gases, sometimes custom-built to cater to the cargo’s specific needs. Finally, specialized trailers are tailored for unique requirements, such as transporting cars or carrying extra-long items. Your choice largely depends on the nature of your business and the goods you intend to haul.

    Factors When Choosing a Used Semi Trailer for Sale

    Choosing a used semi-trailer requires a keen eye on various aspects. First and foremost, consider the condition of the trailer. Make sure to scrutinize the structural integrity, including the frame, flooring, and walls. The age of the trailer, its maintenance history, and mileage are crucial indicators of its present condition. Furthermore, understanding the specific requirements of your business, such as load capacity and compatibility with the existing trucks in your fleet, can streamline the choice significantly.

    Besides the physical condition, you should consider the legal compliances and certifications that come with the trailer. Check that the trailer adheres to the regulatory standards pertinent to safety and environmental considerations. A well-rounded approach to evaluating these aspects can pave the way for a worthy investment.

    How to Choose the Right Seller

    The seller’s reputation is an important aspect of the process of buying a used semi-trailer. Begin with researching and shortlisting sellers who have good reviews and positive feedback from previous buyers. Established sellers often provide detailed information about the trailer, including its history, thereby aiding an informed purchase. It is advisable to opt for sellers who offer warranties, indicating their trust in the product they are selling. A seller who assists in facilitating ancillary services such as financing options can be a benefit for buyers.

    Shop for Semi Trailers for Sale at Mount Trailer Company

    A name synonymous with quality and reliability, Mount Trailer Company has a comprehensive inventory of used semi-trailers, catering to a variety of business needs. Our experts will guide you through the process, ensuring you make a choice that aligns well with your business requirements. Contact Mount Trailer Company or shop our selection of semi-trailers for sale today.

    Understanding Reefer Trailers – What They Are and How They Work

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    Refrigerated trailers – called reefer trailers – are one of the most essential types of cargo trailers on the road. Unlike typical dry van trailers, reefers are fully climate-controlled, with systems capable of keeping the interior cold or even below freezing. They’re necessary for transporting perishable temperature-sensitive products, including fresh produce, frozen foods, and many medicines, such as insulin.

    Mount Trailer Company is your Portland, OR, expert in all types of cargo trailers, and we have an extensive stock of new and used reefers. Let’s look at the things you need to know about reefer trailers!

    Everything You Should Know About Dry Van Trailers

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    Dry van trailers are one of the mainstays of modern cargo hauling. The term applies to any large cargo trailer without special features like air conditioning or refrigeration. As such, they’re capable of hauling large amounts of cargo – up to 45,000 pounds – as long as that cargo doesn’t need special accommodations.

    Mastering Refrigerated Trucking and Optimal Operation

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    Let’s explore the effective management of refrigerated transport, a niche but vital segment of the trucking industry. Keeping perishable goods at the right temperature is crucial for maintaining product integrity from loading dock to customer. Here, we walk you through some tips and tricks to ensure you’re successfully running your refrigerated trucking operation and how to find the best-refrigerated trailers for sale.

    Elevate Your Transport Operations: An Exploration of Trailer Tarp Systems

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    Trailer tarp systems may initially seem simple, but they cover various designs that cater to different needs. Two primary categories dominate this landscape: automatic and standard trailer tarp systems.

    Standard tarps are the traditional option, requiring manual labor to cover and uncover loads. While they are less expensive upfront, the ongoing effort can result in higher long-term costs due to labor and potential damage.

    On the other hand, automatic tarps involve mechanisms that make deployment and retraction a breeze. These systems are typically more expensive initially but can save time and money in the long run by reducing labor costs and the risk of damage to the load.

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