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What You Should Know When Buying A Refrigerated Trailer

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It’s important to be careful when buying any trailer – but caution is particularly warranted when you’re purchasing a refrigerated (“reefer”) trailer.  The goods you’re hauling in a reefer trailer are going to be extremely perishable, and maintenance issues with the trailer could potentially result in the entire load going back while it’s on the road!

So, whether you’re looking at used or new trailers in Oregon or Washington, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when buying a reefer trailer.

Three Critical Considerations When Purchasing A New or Used Refrigerated Trailer

1. Research the seller

Before even thinking about a purchase, one of the most important elements is to look into the seller(s).  Are they reputable?  Have they been in business long?  What sort of warranty or service options do they offer?  

Buying a trailer from sources such as eBay is not a good idea.  You definitely want to work with a reputable establishment, not random people from the Internet.

2. Closely inspect the refrigeration unit

This is, of course, the heart of a reefer trailer – and it must be in top operating condition before you make a purchase.  The seller should be willing to let you fire the trailer up, and test to ensure that it’s capable of reaching suitably cold temperatures.  Likewise, you should closely inspect all hoses, seals, etc. for any signs of potential leakage.

It will probably cost a little extra, but it would be well worth your time to hire a refrigeration expert to take a look at the trailer on your behalf.  They’ll spot potential maintenance issues you might not catch.

3. Look carefully for rust

This is a good idea when buying any new or used trailer, but it’s particularly important when buying a reefer trailer.  Rust on a trailer is never a good thing and could lead to impaired performance or on-road breakdowns.  However, rust on a reefer trailer almost always points to poor maintenance of the refrigeration unit.  And, again, the refrigerator is the entire point.  

So, this makes for an excellent red flag that indicates the trailer has not been well-cared-for and won’t be worth the money.

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