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A Complete Guide to Flatbed Trailers & Trucking

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Have you been curious about flatbed trucking, what it entails, and if it’s the right choice for you? Well, to help, not only do we have used flatbed trailers for sale but in this post, we outline some important things you should know about this career.

Flat Bed Trailers & Trucking – The Basics

Whenever you hear someone talk about flatbed trucking, they are referring to the transportation of large and oversized goods and products via flatbed trucks. Since flatbeds specifically haul oversized loads, they are huge vehicles, and their size ranges anywhere from 50 feet to just over 100 feet in length.

The robust design (aluminum shells) and flatbed of these trucks are necessary to carry such things as large piping, machinery, lumber, other cars and vehicles, and much more.

What is Required for this Type of Trucking?

Due to the nature of the cargo and the sheer size of flatbed trucks, drivers must obtain special licensing and have the expertise/knowledge needed to operate them safely. For example, before hitting the road, a flatbed truck driver must understand the proper loading procedures to ensure that it is correctly and safely done. Along with loading, understanding the required securing process is vital. All drivers must know and follow the Department of Transpiration’s guidelines regarding flatbed securing, the tie-downs and gear needed, etc.

These are just some of the important things that go into flatbed trucking and why it is considered one of the most challenging types of truck driving a person can do.

The Benefits of Flatbed Truck Driving

The biggest draw and benefit to being a flatbed truck driver is that since it requires a tremendous amount of skill and training, there are fewer drivers, making it an in-demand career. Due to this, companies have been known to pay flatbed drivers close to $99,000 per year. The pay grade depends on their expertise and the location/state.

Also, since flatbeds can carry a wide range of cargo, there is more work available to drivers when compared to other trailers and options.

Find Used Flatbed Trailers for Sale & More

At Mount Trailer Company, we’ve been in business since 1970, and our team of professionals can help you find a new or used flatbed trailer for sale in the Vancouver and Portland area. With rigorous inspections, including DOT inspections, you can rest assured you are purchasing a quality trailer.

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