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Four Facts About Semi-Trucks Trailers

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This post wanted to highlight some common and some facts about semi-trailers that you may not widely. Whether you are in the market for a new semi-truck trailer for sale or already own one, here are some fun facts about these vehicles that may be new to you.

Engine Lifespan

So, anyone who has owned a car might have been told anytime you hit 150,000 or 200,000 miles; it’s time to look for a new vehicle. Well, luckily for semi-trucks, the massive engine and parts that make it can last for a long, long time… we’re talking about 750,000 miles! Typically, most drivers track about 40,000 to 50,00 miles per year so that you can get roughly 15 years or more of road time with a semi-truck trailer.

Fuel Milage

While milage can differ, generally, a semi-truck can get about 4 to 8 miles per gallon. If you happen to be driving where there are many hills or mountain-type roads, your fuel mileage will be lower. Compared to a small car, this might seem low, but when you factor in loads and the fact that around 65% to 70% of all goods/products in the USA are shipped via trucks, there is big business and money to be made if you buy a semi-truck trailer for sale.


While it takes the average car over 120 feet to break on the highway, the distance is much greater for semi-truck trailers. While semi-trucks have great braking technology, their massive size means that it takes them about 380 to 390 feet before coming to a complete stop (when traveling 60 miles per hour). Depending on the road conditions and human reaction time, you can be pushing a little over 500 feet for some stops.

Improved Safety

While highway crashes may sometimes happen, semi-truck trailers now all come equipped with anti-lock brakes (since 1997). This implementation was to lower jackknife crashes from occurring and improve the overall safety of trucks on the road.

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