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A Quick Guide to Buying a Flatbed Trailer

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Owning and maintaining a truck is expensive – it’s smart to look for ways to cut costs where you can.  Buying a used flatbed trailer is a great example.  Used flatbed trailers for sale can be found at prices well below new but can often still deliver years of reliable service – if you find the right trailer.

Trailers are pretty simple, so there’s not much a previous owner could have messed up too badly – but you still want to look for signs of wear & tear, or red flag that the previous owner didn’t take care of it. Here are a few tips.

What to Check on When Browsing Used Flatbed Trailers for Sale

Signs of warping

If the trailer was over-loaded in its past, particularly if it was often overloaded, you’ll see signs of it in the trailer itself.  There’ll be bowing around the middle or sides.  Sometimes you can just eyeball it but using a level to check that everything is truly flat is a good idea.

The wiring

Never buy a trailer without making sure that the wiring is fully functional.  You want to make sure all the lights and indicators work properly before even thinking about purchasing it.  Otherwise, you could have a very unpleasant surprise once you get on the road.

We’d also suggest visually inspecting the wiring as best you can, to make sure there are minimal signs of damage. 

The wheels

When were the wheels last replaced?  This is often a great indicator of how well the previous owner treated the trailer.  If they were regularly replacing the wheels, chances are they were keeping up on maintenance all around.  On the other hand, if the wheels are worn and in need of replacement, odds are you’ll find other maintenance issues.

Ask about the trailer’s history

Unlike full vehicles, there’s no “Carfax” equivalent for trailers, so you can’t be sure of a trailer’s history.  Still, it’s worth asking.  A trailer that was involved in an accident may not be fully reliable.  You may also be able to see signs of past accidents, such as obvious places where the framework had been bent.  

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