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Find the Right Liftgate for the Job


There is a liftgate for every job, and Mount Trailer can help you find the right one based on your specifications. Whether you are looking for a cantilever, side loader or a flip away unit, we have access to the largest national inventory.
Mount Trailer Company proudly carries Waltco, Palfinger and Maxon liftgate products.

A Liftgate for Every Purpose

The liftgate you choose will essentially determine what your trailer can load/unload. We carry an extensive selection, ranging from capacities of 1,250 to 6,600 pounds and covering six categories – which include:

  • Flipaway Liftgates – These loading platforms are specifically designed with two or three folding sections. These are welded to the frame of your trailer and easily store under the body of your trailer during travel. They are the epitome of flexibility and convenience.
  • Railgates – Railgates, which come in medium-duty or heavy-duty, can be attached using chains, cables or hydraulic cylinder systems to open and close the liftgate. These offer significant weight savings, greater load stability, and easier handling.
  • Cantilever – Cantilevers feature a tilting platform, which allows you to stabilize and keep your load even – regardless if you are on a steep incline. Tilts can be adjusted to the grade.
  • Side Loader – Side liftgates are mounted to the side of a truck trailer or body, allowing you access to your side cargo. These can be used in conjunction with traditional, rear liftgates for better accessibility and convenience.
  • Slide Away – These large platforms are ideal for weight distribution and feature an adjustable platform so that you can keep your cargo level despite your grade.
  • Conventional Liftgates – Featuring medium and heavy-duty, these lift gates require minimum clearance and are designed to fit a wide array of trailer bed heights and cargo needs.

Mount Trailer Company can help you find the perfect liftgate for your trailer or entire fleet.
Call Scott at for a quote or contact us online to get answers to your questions about liftgates.

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