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Issues Affecting Reefer Fleets Today

Reefer Trailers operated by refrigerated trucking companies deal with adverse conditions on a regular basis. Not only do they have food safety conditions to worry about, but they are also continuously combating the heat and bacterial risks of these types of trailers. The biggest issue, however, is maintaining the proper temperature during transport to avoid damaging any delicate products in tow.

Today, refrigerated trucking companies face five primary issues: residual heat, exterior heat, the temperature of the commodity, bacteria, and infiltration heat.

Exploring the Issues Facing Reefer Trailers and How to Fight Back

Refrigerated carriers need to maintain proper temperatures. Those operating in the food industry specifically need to be careful because they also must follow all food and safety regulations created by the federal government.

Common issues that refrigerated units on reefer fleets face daily, include:

  • Exterior Heat: Exterior heat is the temperature outside and as that temperature increases, it affects the interior temperature of the truck. Even with proper insulation, the vehicle is continuously exposed and the metal of the trailer eventually absorbs that heat. When the refrigeration unit is not calibrated correctly, it can create spoilage.
  • Infiltration Heat: If there are cracks, holes or other openings in the seals of the trailer, then heat can infiltrate while the cold air seeps out. This can be identified during a timely trailer inspection, which reviews the doors, seals, and all temperature gauges. Also, it is important to keep in mind that heat makes its way into the trailer during loading.
  • Commodity Temperature: The item being moved into the reefer must be at the same temperature it is meant to transport at. After all, the reefer is designed specifically to maintain; not cool down items or freeze them. Therefore, drivers must ensure that the load they receive is at the right temperature before accepting it.
  • Residual Heat: Once a reefer’s internal temperature has risen, it is likely to continue growing or at least stay the same. Unfortunately, the reefer cannot cool itself back down with that residual heat working against it. The inner lining and air of the trailer must be inspected and then pre-cooled before loading to bring the temperature back down.
  • Bacterial Growth: Semi-trailers, especially reefers, are at higher risk for bacterial growth with the excess heat and moisture. These microorganisms can often lead to discoloration on the exterior of the reefer, and when the temperatures are right, bacteria overgrows – making it hard to control once it starts. To eliminate this risk, reefer trailers should be equipped with an antimicrobial layer, which protects against harmful bacteria.

Purchasing a New or Used Reefer Trailer is Easy

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