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Liftgates: What They Are & How They Work

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If you’re new to making deliveries or haven’t been in the logistics industry long, you might not know much about liftgates for trailers and precisely how they work. Well, they can make it much easier to drop off deliveries and load heavy goods onto the back of your truck.

As one of Portland, Oregon’s leading new and used semi-trailer sales companies, the team from Mount Trailer wants to shed some light on some of the questions you might have about liftgates, so continue reading!

What Exactly is a Liftgate?

Liftgates are designed to be outfitted to trucks to make deliveries much easier. They do so by the use of hydraulics, creating an easy way to lift things off the ground to the back of a truck. A hydraulic platform is installed on the back of the truck that enables heavy products to be lifted to the height of the truck’s tailgate. This freight can then be easily slid inside the truck bed.

How Do Liftgates Work?

Today’s modern liftgate is a mix of electronic and hydraulic components that force pressure through a piston installed in a cylinder. This piston and cylinder then lift the gate up and down. Often, this process is controlled by a simple switch or control box attached to the liftgate.

What Does Liftgate at Delivery Mean?

This is a term you’ll often hear in the logistics field, that a shipment requires liftgate at delivery. This means for freight to be delivered to the proper place, it’s going to require a liftgate to get the job done. In the simplest of terms, it means the location where goods are being delivered doesn’t have the capacity to lift goods onto a truck or down to the ground.

Do I Need a Liftgate?

There are a number of reasons why investing in a liftgate for trailers could benefit your company. Firstly, liftgates can streamline the freight delivery process. They’re also beneficial when making deliveries where there’s no access to a loading dock. Liftgates are also beneficial for delivering goods to construction sites, which may not have a dedicated loading dock set up either.

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Do you need a new liftgate for your used semi-truck? Perhaps you’re thinking of outfitting your entire fleet with some new accessories? Either way, the team from Portland, Oregon’s Mount Trailer has got you covered. We also operate a fully-equipped repair shop, so contact us online today or call (503) 282-7202 or toll-free at 1 (800) 777-0743.

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