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Major Wreck Repair by the Experts at Mount Trailer Company

Major Semi-Trailer-Repair
After an accident such as a Low Bridge collision or Roll-Over, you might think your trailer is nothing more than scrap. But by utilizing Mount Trailer and its years of experience, we can restore your trailer to like new condition. From Major Wreck Repair, to minor maintenance issues, to estimates for your insurance company, we can help.

Our wreck repair experts can perform just about any repair or fabrication you need to restore your truck and trailer to working order. Our technicians are experts and stand behind their fabrication work.

How Mount Trailer Company’s Major Wreck Repair Helps You

The technicians at Mount Trailer Company offer multiple services to repair your truck or trailer post-accident, including:

  • In House Fabrication – Mount Trailer Company has its own full-service fabrication shop. Our fabrication bay includes 2700 sq. ft. of capacity, including a 5 ton crane, floor tie downs encased in reinforced hardened concrete, 30 ton Press Brake, 10 ton shear as well as a “Metal Muncher”. This gives us the ability to custom fabricate whatever components we may need for your repair.
  • Flatbed Repair – From Re-Arching, to re-decking your flatbed, to rebuilding or replacing the King Pin Structure, we have the ability to do it all.
  • Electrical Diagnostics and Repair – It is not uncommon to experience electrical issues after a major wreck. Our technicians can troubleshoot electrical problems efficiently and make the necessary repairs.
  • Alignment Services – Major or minor wrecks can put your trailer into misalignment. We have the ability to re-align your trailer’s suspension and get you back on the road and back to work.

Mount Trailer Company’s services are competitively priced. We know that even the best insurance policy does not cover everything. That is why we ensure our wreck repair prices are fair, affordable and deliver value for money.

Call to learn more about our wreck repair services or contact us online with your questions.

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